ZAB Upcycling 

The history of the small manufactory ZAB Upcycling takes us to Vorarlberg, where a clever mind dealt with the topic of sustainability at an early stage. The first attempts to give old climbing ropes a second life were made while still at school.

3 years later after graduation, the first real products for the market emerged. Since the response in the acquaintance was huge, the young entrepreneur decided to found ZAB Upcycling and to distribute old climbing ropes into beautiful bags, purses, and key rings.


Upcycling turns apparently useless objects and materials into new products. In this way, resources can be saved, and new individual products can be created. Products therefore can be used much more often and do not have to be replaced with new ones.

Each piece is unique.

Climbing equipment has a limited useful life, but since most materials are far too good to end up in the dustbin, they find a reuse in our factory.

We use only old climbing materials and banners that would otherwise have been disposed.

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ZAB Upcycling  

Old climbing equipment brought back to life.

Each ZAB upcycling product is unique and is handmade in Vorarlberg.