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At a young age, Ricarda made her first experiences with clay with a ceramist in Salzburg. It gave her great pleasure to see how she could shape her own objects with her hands, fire them and then paint them as she pleased. The passion she aroused at that time has stayed with her to this day.

Years later Rici now produces her own beautiful ceramic objects in a small workshop on the Praterstern. Before that, however, she attended the "Stoob" ceramics school, where she completed a six-year apprenticeship in the fields of tile stove construction, tiling and artistic ceramics. After further studies in Vienna, she then returned to her home, where she has devoted herself entirely to the production of ceramics for some time.

What fascinates her most about ceramics is the design
 of the resulting surfaces in a wide variety of colours.

Her love of ceramics grew the more experience she gained with this craft and the deeper her understanding of clay as a material with its wide variety of design options and the incredibly wide range of glazing techniques and firing methods.


Rici is grateful every day to experience clay as a raw material. She loves to literally express her individuality in a tangible way. One of her goals is to bring more public attention and recognition to handicrafts in general. That's why she doesn't think much of things that are industrially manufactured to perfection. Thus, no workpiece produced by her is like the other.


Each product is unique in terms of shape, colour and surface structure.


It is important to Rici to direct our thoughts away from 
standardized perfection towards uniqueness.

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Ricarda Stahl

"What I particularly appreciate about my rather small workshop is the improvisation. Nothing that I create is ultimately perfect. And that's a good thing. I also prove to myself and my customers every day that I can create great things even in the smallest of spaces."