pacha-maia Urbrot 

It is particularly important to the pacha-maia team to bake bread that meets all sustainability and health criteria. It must therefore withstand all common cereal intolerances.

In addition, the bread taste should be preserved, which one can still remember from childhood. pacha-maia bread is made according to the old tradition, in the finest organic quality and without modern baking tricks.

Franz Teufl, who suffers from gluten sensitivity, wanted nothing more than to finally eat really good, crusty bread again. He therefore contacted Michael Färbinger, who, as a master baker in the fifth generation, is now dedicated to bread production. Together they developed a concept that enabled them to produce a sourdough that is not only free of all unnecessary additives, but also contains no gluten.

Gradually, an ever-growing team of experts was formed, which has been constantly developing the concept of gluten-free baked goods ever since. The pacha-maia Urbrot was thus born.

...high-quality organic ingredients...

Gluten-free baked goods are often criticized for their low nutrient density. pacha-maia Urbrot, on the other hand, consists of a large number of mostly unpeeled, gluten-free organic grains such as amaranth, hemp, linseed, chestnuts, teff (dwarf millet), corn or rice. Maximum compatibility is therefore guaranteed.


...wood-fired stone/steam oven...

pacha-maia Urbrot is baked twice in a wood-fired stone oven at a consistently high heat. This creates a unique taste. At the same time, a very nice crust is formed. Thanks to this special baking technique, the bread stays fresh for an extra-long time. harmony with Mother Nature...

When sending the pacha-maia original bread, there is no need for plastic packaging at all, because it was already packed by mother nature in its non-porous natural crust. It is sent in a recycled gift box with a freshness seal, in which it stays crispy and juicy for a long time.

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Who is pacha-maia

"pacha-maia means the gluten-free natural sourdough. It is the soul of this bread. Pacha stands for Mother Earth. According to Roman mythology, Maia was a fertility goddess who was raised to the heavens of the gods by Zeus. But now Maia is back on earth (pacha) and brings back to us her very old knowledge of bread and the love of nature."