In the amazingly fragrant Viennese manufactory, everything turns around the nose. Marlie&Fengg is the joint label of Maria and Natalie. The two self-made entrepreneurs combine their affinity for high-quality cosmetic products and the vision of a sustainable future. 

The easiest way to make others happy is when you feel comfortable doing it yourself.

Our deodorant cream "Nasenfreunde" is a natural deodorant based on baking soda. "Nasenfreunde" is not actually an antiperspirant but ensures that there is no unpleasant odor when you sweat. Due to the skin-soothing D-panthenol and other high-quality care oils, the deodorant cream is skin-friendly. "Nasenfreunde" is so creamy and caring that you can apply it immediately after shaving without reddening the skin.

The deodorant cream is shipped in a compostable container without additional packaging materials, which can be disposed of with organic waste after use. There is also no advertising. All in the name of a clean environment. Relevant information can be found on the label.

The compostable pot consists of wood fibres and plant-based binders. Although it is like plastic, it is completely biodegradable and therefore does not leave any microplastic residues.

All products are largely produced regionally, organically, and sustainably.

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"Sustainability is of course a major concern for us. 

We develop and manufacture our products in Vienna and only use natural raw materials, which are largely sourced regionally. Since we, as a small cosmetics manufacturer, prefer to invest our budget in our products, we do without the cost-intensive certification. We voluntarily comply with all specifications. Production, filling, and labelling are done by hand. Our packaging meets several sustainability requirements at the same time."