stands for BIO, sustainability and short transport routes. 

Our organic cotton is grown in Turkey, which is always sunny. Pesticides or other chemical substances are not used. After the manual harvest, the cotton is processed into high-quality organic fabrics in Germany and Austria. The beautiful recyclable dessous come from our neighbouring country Italy, where it is dyed with natural colours.

In Austria, the lingerie is then lovingly designed and produced with eco-electricity using in-house solar and photovoltaic systems. The packaging material is 100% renewable.


Do you prefer healthy, organic underwear from ecological cultivation?
Then you are exactly right here. Unique Creation - as unique as you are.


Chemistry, genetic engineering, or even animal experiments have no place at Kybele. Instead, nature and environmental protection have been our top priority for years.

We attach great importance to not having the fabrics flown in, which is why we have chosen producers exclusively from Austria and Germany. Our dessous from Tessitura is such a product.


Every purchase you make supports our cooperation with the Austrian environmental organization PINWALD, which is  involved in tree planting and the preservation of biodiversity.

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"Our factory is located in the middle of the Marchfeld and offers us a wonderful view of Slovakia every day. Thanks to our in-house solar and photovoltaic system, we are well equipped when it comes to the possibilities of ecological production. All our business partners also work in an extremely environmentally friendly manner the production or in the packaging and care of our designer pieces. All in all, the entire production chain results in an ecological unit.

It should be a natural basic need for all of us to live organically and sustainably out of love for our planet.

All at KYBELE live by this claim and put it into practice every day."