Herzgenäht stands for sustainable, resource-saving products.

Ahmad comes from Syria and received asylum in Austria five years ago.

He sews bags from materials that have already been used. Ahmad's products can not only be found in his and our online shop. He also comes into personal contact with his customers at public markets and always finds new ideas and suggestions there. He is happy to sew a bag out of your old favourites such as boots or jackets. This is how Ahmad creates unique pieces with a very personal touch.

Each bag is handmade according to your personal wishes and sent directly to your home.


These bags and backpacks are beautiful and unique.


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"My name is Ahmad Ibesh. I'm from Aleppo/Syria, but I've been living in Carinthia since 2015. I started sewing when I was 11. Now, I make bags and backpacks out of existing materials."