Heidemarie´s Naturalsoaps

They should not only be skin-care and fragrant. Of course, Heidemarie's natural soaps must not contain any unnecessary additives.

Our soaps should be compatible not only for ourselves, but also for the environment.

However, these are basic properties of a good natural soap. But Heidemarie's claims are more far-reaching. A bar of soap should also serve as an ornament in the bathroom, kitchen, and toilet. For her excellent soaps, she only uses high-quality ingredients in her recipes and, if possible, uses organic products of regional origin. Aluminium oxide and pigments are also used to meet optical requirements.


Some of her soap products are partially made with high quality animal fats 
sourced from small local farmers. Many soaps are also offered as vegan products.
 Only first-class special oil is used for this as well.


All soap recipes are subject to the strictest international safety criteria and are tested in accordance with the EU Cosmetics Directive.

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"The production of natural soaps is my great passion."