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Re-apply traditional knowledge

In the Almenland nature park region in Eastern Styria, unique vinegar specialties are created that mature for more than 4 years...

Only sun-ripened and fresh ingredients from guaranteed natural, original meadow orchards are used for the specialties. With this activity, our manufactory supports the recultivation of old Styrian fruit varieties and thus promotes sustainability in the Almenland and Joglland regions. Vegetables, berries, and herbs are grown in Grandma Hilda's own garden or harvested directly from nature.

The soil on which the fruit grows is cultivated without chemical fertilizers or sprays.

All vinegars are stored for a period of at least 4 years before they are further refined. In the process, turbid matter settles very slowly at the bottom of the storage tank simply due to the fruit’s own weight (so-called gravity fining). Of course, that takes time. We are happy to take this time and thus guarantee the highest quality standards.

If fining must be carried out despite storage, Bentonit is used.

Since only fresh herbs and ripe fruit are processed, there are seasonal fluctuations in the availability of the different types of vinegar.

Before bottling, we avoid an ultra-fine filtration of the vinegars. This ensures that all valuable ingredients of the herbs or fruits are included.

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Thomas and Beate 

"What nature offers us."

It is important to us that the origin and quality of our food is always traceable and verifiable.

For this reason, only regional products are processed in our vinegar factory. The raw materials are left in their natural state and are produced according to old traditions, harvested, and individually checked by hand before further processing.