They have followed their passion for fresh organic dates and inspire people for healthy snacking, all over Austria and Germany. With revolutionary organic products, they motivate their customers to adopt an organic, plant-based diet free of industrial sugar.

For the sake of human health and nature

Their fresh palm fruits are the perfect alternative to traditional snacks. They are delightfully sweet, soft, rich in energy and contain a variety of valuable nutrients. Whether in muesli, a smoothie or with morning tea, they offer you a healthy start to your day.

100% organic dates

"Dattelbär” persistently realized its vision and, together with international business friends, switched one product after the other to organic. The entire Dattelbär assortment is of course 100% organic.


In the spirit of the sustainable health of people and nature.

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By persistently implementing our vision, we were able to realize a 100% organic cultivation together with Yogi&Yousef. Conscientiously cultivated and picked by our friends, we exclusively offer the delicious Dalia Sukkary dates from Yogi&Yousef in the best organic quality.